Thursday, August 20, 2009

A theory

So I have this theory:

Obama did a lot of chattering about bipartisanship during the campaign and after. Now that the GOP is full batshit-crazy freakout, there are a lot of people talking about how they predicted that Obama's hopes for bipartisanship were naive.

It seems to me, though, that most of these past few months of healthcare `debate' have been a great big head-fake from the administration: the GOP, including its elected officials, have I think successfully proven that they are intransigeant and unwilling to bargain in good faith. So, now Obama is empowered to completely ignore the GOP in working out a healthcare bill and probably a fair chunk of other legislation.

I imagine that working with Republicans on the stimulus was only necessary because the clock was ticking.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


While we're chronicling the further expansion of our diaspora, I should add that I will be moving to Seattle on September 1. Meri and I are renting a great little house together, and we have a guest room you are all welcome to. Said room features wallpaper we suspect can cause petit mal seizures, so you'd really be doing us a favor staying with us and testing that theory. If that doesn't mess with your cognitive function, Reid will also be moving to Seattle (along with Megan) in September, and looking into his withered face and lifeless eyes ought to push you over the pathological brink.

Hope to see you dudes soon! I will be in LA for about a week around Thanksgiving.


UK and LA

As many or most of you don't know, I'm going to Cambridge University at the end of September. I'll be there until the middle of February. I assume it will be possible for me to get to Paris at some point. I'll also be in LA thru most of September, so let me know if you'll be in town.

Next Year/Next Week

Everyone may already be aware of this, but I'm moving to France at the end of the month. I won a fellowship to Sciences Po, a political science school (semi-obviously) and will be there for the year doing research. More importantly, I will be descending as like a plague of locusts upon the city's bakeries, cheese shops, and wine seller-guys. If anyone has the chance, come visit!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Water Slide Ski Jump

I think this is probably BS but it's still totally amazing:

MEGAWOOSH Bruno Kammerl jumps

(via Leaving Home)