Saturday, January 02, 2010

What American English Sounds Like To Italians

This is really just too awesome.

I always wonder what English sounds like to foreigners. I remember asking Vasya (Zhenya's brother) what British English sounded like to him when we first met, and his answer was "Like a toilet flushing."

It's also interesting to speculate how a song like this might sound different if it were made today, as the sounds/phonemes are clearly influenced by American pop music (e.g. Dylan, the go-to slurrer of the time). I suspect we'd hear the influence of hip-hop and urbanized Southern black American speech patterns.

And isn't the song awesome, too?



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Blogger said...

Very interesting, When I was training to become a teacher, my trainer who was English was giving examples of how English would sound in Italian accent and that was a great way to learn word stress. cheers loved reading this post.

8:24 PM  

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