Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcum to Fran & Gary's Pirate Dollhowz

For those of you who, like me, base their entertainment schedules around which shows feature former classmates of yours this is a busy week. Following Stephen Fishbach's debut on Survivor last night (during which there was a tense moment where it seemed like his team might give hi the boot for having glasses, but then predictably ejected the older woman instead), tonight (Friday, February 13) is the premiere of the new Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse, in which Fran Kranz plays a regular roll. Given Tyson's relationship to this entertainment universe, I thought this was worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, in other filmed-medium news, Greg and are seeing an honest-to-god new Peter Greenaway this Sunday at the Portland International Film Festival. It's called Nightwatching and is about Rembrandt's Nightwatch painting. Apparently Greenaway has released a full five movies since 8 1/2 Women, none of which have seen distribution in the US, theatrical or otherwise. Bummer.

Lastly, this Newsweek interview with John Adams was kind of upsetting, I thought, in the way that it made him seem, well...old. And not very self-aware. Dude gets a by, though.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Notable Alumni

I was just browsing the Notable Alumbni on the HW wikipedia page when I noticed that Ayda Fields was listed there. That seemed pretty sketchy to me so I clicked through to her page to find out what she's done that's so notable besides the few roles I'd heard of. There wasn't much and I suspect that her page was created by her publicist. But there was this interesting little nugget:

"She is the girlfriend of British singer Robbie Williams."

Also: Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men went to HW.