Monday, October 01, 2007

Joanna Newsom at Disney

For you LA types, Cary recetly pointed out to me that Joanna Newsom is playing at the Disney Concert Hall on November 9th -- the day I happen to arrive in LA for vacation/thanksgiving. I just bought some tickets for myself and my family, but any of you who will be down around then and want to join should do likewise here:

Joanna Newsom at Disney Concert Hall

If you do get tix, let me know and we can coordinate the evening...

Also: I'll be in LA from the Monday before Thanksgiving through the Sunday afterwards (between the 9th and that monday, I'll be in Hawaii with my dad celebrating his partial retirement). If you'll be around then at all, drop me a line. I'm actually going to have my car this time so It'll be much easier for me to get out.


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