Monday, September 24, 2007

My Disgusting Head

I had a several week period (now, thankfully, over) during which I had pretty severe vertigo. I went to a couple different doctors, both of whom determined that the problem wasn't in my inner ear. Despite that, I had a balance test (which was very strange, consisting of pumping water in my ears and having me track lights around without moving my head). Also, I had an MRI. The hospital sold me the images for $15, and here are some of the better ones.

Go ahead and bring the jokes about how small my brain seems.


Blogger Cary said...

The weirdest thing about this is that the top photo seriously looks like you.

So what was the cause? NSFW?

8:00 PM  
Blogger Tyson said...

Man, eyeballs look totally weird in MRI. Am I the only one reminded of Robocop 2?

And glad to hear the vertigo has subsided.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Reid said...

I haven't heard back from the doctor yet as to the cause. Before the balance test and the MRI he was pretty much stumped, so we'll see if these tests change anything. The vertigo just started one evening kind of out of nowhere. I had donated platelets and blood a couple of days before and had been outside in the sun and heat all day that day, so at first I thought that it was just dehydration or heat exhaustion or something, but then it continued for almost three weeks. I'll keep you all filled in whenever the doctor tells me anything.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Cameron said...

I'm hope you're feeling better soon.

Also, I glad to know that you look just as digusting on the inside of your head as on the outside.

9:49 PM  

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