Monday, September 03, 2007


Every few months I run out of books and I end up buying stuff based on reviews I find online. This rarely works well. The time in my life when I was consistently reading the best books was when I was in Florida and relying entirely on your recommendations. If only there were some easy website through which I could see what you had recently read and would recommend. Into the gap steps Goodreads. I have added some of my recently read books and others that I would recommend. If you create an account, join the FPS group so we can all see what you are reading.


Blogger Tyson said...

I'm having fun with the site, but is anyone else encountering a lot of problems with it? I've tried both Safari and Firefox, and on neither browser does the site work particularly well. Adding new shelves is a real pain in the ass, e.g. Still, books good.

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