Friday, December 08, 2006

Boy has head surgically re-attached after racing decaptitation

Christopher suffered an internal decapitation during a 40mph smash on a track near Alton, Hampshire, in September. The impact from the crash lifted 12-year-old Christopher Stewart's skull from the top of his spine - an injury which normally results in death. Firefighters spent an hour and a half cutting him free from the wreckage of his 1000cc Mini after the accident. The force of the crash also detached his tongue at the root. Surgeons re-attached his head to his spine with metal plates and bone grafts during a six-hour operation. His parents were warned he only had a 7% chance of survival. But after 19 days in intensive care and four weeks wearing a neck collar, he was able to swim, walk and exercise, although speaking and eating remain difficult.

(Original story on Sky News)
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