Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This anti-anti-hating-LA, typically snarky post from the Portland Mercury's blog drove me crazy, so I commented on it. The LA Times bit in question is readable here (without a stupid NYTimes-style pay wall - 1 point for LA). Thought you fellow native Angelenos might be interested.


Blogger Tyson said...

Good response. And maybe it's a bit of hometown pride showing, but L.A. bashing always just about instantly gets me irritated. L.A. is bigger than Sunset Boulevard, damn it!

It's funny how L.A. functions, pretty much literally, as a scapegoat for fears of urbanization, globalization and capitalism. By displacing those anxieties onto a gross cultural level (those shallow L.A.-type people), so-called critics neatly evade the deeper structural (or whatever) issues at work. It's a lot easier - and probably more fun - to inveigh against Hollywood than it is to talk about, say. global capital and marginality.

Yes, I am looking forward to Winter Break. Why do you ask?

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