Sunday, January 23, 2005


So I noticed the other day that a lot of the professors in my department have terribly erudite hobbies. For example, Mariusz, Count Wodzicki, enjoys translating cuneiform inscriptions. Therefore, I thought I should come up with a suitable obtusely dignified hobby of my own, just to fit in. I'm working with "I enjoy studying the early Neoplatonic thinkers" for the time being. Thoughts? I read Plotinus in college and some Origen, so I should be, like, half way there, right?

On this road, I started with wikipedia, and found the following, which I thought was amusing in a pomopous sort of way:
"Platonism is an ancient school of philosophy, founded by Plato; this school had an actual, physical existence at a site just outside the walls of Athens..."


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