Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fun Games

Here is a fun game you can play while cranking through the last putrescent vestiges of the Fountainhead.
1. Give yourself an interesting megalomaniacal moniker. For example, let's use the Ultra Supreme Perfect Being on Earth.
2. Introduce this name into normal everyday things that people do.

We obtain such gems as...
"The Ultra Supreme Perfect Being on Earth is having a chicken sandwich for lunch."
"The Ultra Supreme Perfect Being on Earth just checked his rearview mirror before changing lanes; this is the perfect way to change lanes."
Some people enjoy poop, so we have
"The Ultra Supreme Perfect Being on Earth is now pooping in a hotel bathroom."

If you mix instant coffee with instant hot cocoa, the result is a good result.

What's the story with Don DeLillo? I just read Cosmopolis. I was significantly less impressed by this work than by, say, Cryptonomicon. In fact, Cosmopolis sounded very much like the book that Kivistik would write about the Information Superhighway. Thoughts?


Blogger Greg said...

While Cosmopolis was less than awesome, did you read The Body Artist? I think that's a little masterpiece. It's a little bit of a high standard, oh Ultra Perfect Being of the Earth, to expect masterpieces from people every time out of the gare, don't you thiink?

12:24 PM  
Blogger Cameron said...

You're probably right about expectations. I'm not actually prepared to say that Cosmopolis was a bad novel; in fact, it was pretty compelling while I was at it. However, there a sort hobbittish wrongheadedness embedded in it that's hard to push off.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Tyson said...

The Body Artist really is fantastic. I'd like to read it again, when time exists again. Highly, highly recommend White Noise too; there's a good Vintage Edition, with all sorts of cool addenda and whatnot. I personally haven't read them, but people beshit themselves over Underworld, Mao II, and (I think) Libra.

I like the fun game too. Though I need to add that the Ultra Supreme Perfect Being on Earth should check his blind spot before changing lanes. Truly, that is the perfect way to change lanes.

10:41 PM  

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