Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ayn Rand

Not all of you already know this about me, so I felt I should share. It's true. Ayn Rand sucks my ass. With syrup. Lapping it up with those sickly, scrawny cracker lips of hers.

Btw I'm trapped now somewhere in The Fountainhead. Nearer the end, thankfully. A more apt title of this "raving shit-monster" (thank you, Will, for that turn of phrase) would be something like "A Study of the Mating Habits of Ubermenschen in their Natural Habitat" or perhaps "The Ubermenschen Fuck, Too!" Some others that I have considered include "Fuck Nature!... Huh? Fuck You, Too!" and "My Piss-Poor Philosphical System Also Produces 'Raving Shit Monsters' in Literature!"

For some time now, a sci-fi/fantasy author by the name of Patricia Morrison-Kennealy has had the distinguished honor of nibbling my black asshole with Mensa-tested cracker lips. But now, a challenger has come, the challenge laid, and White Womanhood has found a new, and far greater, Syrupy-Ass Sucker.


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