Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Setting Priorities

Man, I am way behind on my gamecube skillz. Do you know that I have neither finished Zelda, nor even played MarioKart? This is shameful. I write this while not working on papers.

Cameron, why on earth are you continuing this deathmarch through the shitmonster? I doubt it's going to pick up around like page 600 or so. And anyway, if I recall correctly, the Objectivist Club is annoyingly present at Berkeley. They can probably tell you how it ends. And then yammer on about how if everyone just listened to the white man, everything would be peachy keen, or something like that.

Also, Chuck and Buck had flaws. Therefore, it totally sucked. And I reserve my right to vituperate stuff that totally sucks. Though I do actually like Mike White otherwise.

Yogurt + Raisins + Total = Tasty. Odwalla Lime Quencher = Gross


Blogger Will said...

While I have no quarrel with either of your two equations presented above, Tyson, I must proffer a third.

Trader Joe's Vanana Yogurt + Fresh Raspberries + Bran Flakes + Honey = The best breakfast imaginable before undertaking any kind of physical activity. It's become the source of all my powers on weekdays before I hit da gym.

12:26 PM  

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