Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale

To add to The Sopranos' total domination of Technorati tracking tonight, I must ask:

What did everyone think of the finale? I actually thought they did just about as well as they possibly could - no inevitably disappointing going to jail or operatic death scenes. The episode felt very much of the series. The cat storyline was classic Paulie, and the central Sopranos ethos that nothing ever really changes, particularly death and aging, held fast. And Phil's hit was appropriately unceremonious. I liked it, and it made me sad to see the show go.

Also, does every season of the show other than 4 end with a family dinner? I can't remember exactly, but it definitely felt right going out that way, gesturing towards the great Season 3 closer, the Vesuvio black-out, and last season's holiday get-together.

Anyone see John from Cincinnati yet? Looking forward to checking that out, but still bitter about the end of Deadwood, the smartest show ever on TV.



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