Monday, March 06, 2006

Sonic Youth News

In maybe the weirdest yet most of-the-moment piece of music news in, Thurston Moore's tiny noise label, Ecstatic Peace, has signed a distro deal with the largest record label in the world - Universal.

Some other exciting tidbits from today's Pitchfork:

Moore is also working on a follow-up to his 1995 pop solo album Psychic Hearts, which, as previously reported, is due to be reissued (along with Sonic Youth's self-titled debut EP and the Ciccone Youth project's wonderfully bizarre The Whitey Album) by Geffen on March 14.

Lee Ranaldo fans should also rejoice in the news that the man is preparing a "singer-songwriter" album for Ecstatic Peace. For those of us who treat "Eric's Trip", "Mote", and "Wish Fulfillment" as sacred texts, this is most exciting.

Potentially even more exciting is the new Sonic Youth album, which finally has a release date: June 6. Yes, 6/6/06. "I heard that a lot of artists who had the 666 release date had requested to be moved," Moore chuckled. "We demanded it."

For the moment, the record remains untitled. "We're fighting about it," Moore said. "I want to call it Rather Ripped. Kim wants to call it Rocked Up. The other two guys are like, 'whatever.'"


Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has a different release date, and a more or less altogether different story, revolving around 70s rock and the The Rembrandts. Their Thurston Anti-Bullshit-ware has never been too hot. But who knows?


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