Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They Say of the Acropolis Where the Parthenon Is

(Quite Interesting: They Say of the Acropolis Where the Parthenon Is)

Quite Interesting is the brilliant british quiz show on which NPR based Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. It's hosted by comedian Stephen Fry and there are no penalties for wrong answers, only for obvious wrong answers. In light of your last post, Tyson, you might find this clip interesting: QI: E-commerce


Blogger Tyson said...

That's funny, the writers have clearly seen the website I linked to below. Also, the balding fellow who got expertsexchage.com is Bill Bailey, of the brilliant British comedy Black Books, to which Carolyn introduced me. I've only gone through the first season, but so far my favorite episode is, perhaps unsurpisingly, the one with the wine.

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