Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More stuff

Hello all.

For those who are moderately interested, I was in Wroclaw, Poland for the Association of Symbolic Logic 2007 Internat'l Logic Colloquium--I think that's what it was called. Now, having gotten a bit of a feel for two different East European non-Russian cities which are drifting strongly to the West, it is amazing how much nicer those places are than Moscow (as it was in 2003). I wonder how many Russians are aware of this. The conference itself was quite interesting in parts, mind numbing in small parts (read: Proof theory).

In other news, I'm headed to Vancouver on Saturday. Some of you may remember my college roommate George. He's getting married. (Anyone else feeling kind of old these days?)

I finished Harry Potter 7 a day or two ago. What did you all think? I've read few blog posts criticizing it fairly harshly--seems odd to, adults coming down hard on the narrative construction and conceits of children's novel. Not sure if everyone's finished who wants to, so I won't say more for the moment.


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