Thursday, July 26, 2007


Does anyone have any particular thoughts on the Democratic candidates for president? For the moment, I don't really, but I'd like to have some, and maybe yours will do.

Also, a collection of ravens is called an 'unkindness.'

Also, also, this is my favorite website right now; it's very embarrassing.

Also, also, also, I proved something today, although it's stupid.

Also^4, I just got back from Poland+Germany on Monday.

Also^5, the fact that I have to deal with captcha on to post to a blog that we own is still fucking weirding me out. xarskl


Blogger Tyson said...

Somewhat shamefully, I confess I don't actually know as much about the Democratic candidates as I should. Presupposing that I would gladly vote for any of them in a general election, here are my thoughts on the current frontrunners:

Hilary Clinton: I probably disagree with her positions the most, insofar as she seems furthest to the right (or the center) of all the major candidates. Notably her stumbling over justification for the Iraq War, e.g. On the other hand, she's a remarkably capable politician, and I feel she could, just maybe, get a lot of good stuff done. Also, Bill Clinton as First Dude would be awesome, if only to hear the horrified shriek from Fox News et al.

Barack Obama: A phenomenal speaker, and terrifically charismatic, but maddeningly light on specifics - which makes him seem a bit light in general. At this point, it seems like a campaign strategy for him to remain "above the fray," a kind of vague nonpartisan, so I don't think it's going to get any better anytime soon. That said, he is a veteran of Illinois state politics, which are no joke. I guess that's thing that drives me a bit batty about Obama: with his talent for rhetoric and political theatre, I know he could make just about a perfect candidate. But for now at least, he seems to want to hedge his bets as to the substance of his politics.

John Edwards: On the face of it, I'd say I agree with his policies the most. His foregrounding of poverty as a sociopolitical issue, in particular, is great. In addition, it would be well for poverty to be a key aspect of foreign policy, to my mind. And Elizabeth Edwards totally rules - I'd vote for her in pretty much a heartbeat. However, and I hate to say this, there seems to something inescapably light about Edwards. There's been a lot of unfortunate media coverage of his $400 haircut, which, whatever, I don't really care about. But still, I do feel there's something a bit lacking in him, as though he wouldn't be able to enact those policies with which I agree. Maybe he doesn't manage the media so well (as do, say, Clinton and Obama), maybe it's his personal presentation, maybe his performances in the debates so far, I dunno. Can't put my finger on it.

Also, what the crap were you doing in Poland and Germany? Where did you go? 'Splain please!

Also also, if you're a fan of LOLCats, then you might like this.

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