Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spango Dips

So I started a blog of my own. *Way to strike while the iron is hot, Will.* I launched it with a vacuous maiden post about seven weeks ago, and neglected to tell any of you about it because I was intending to get it a bit nicer-looking before I started directing traffic to it, but I just got tired of waiting. Some of you (Greg) already knew about it due to being the sysadmin's cousin, and some of you (Tyson) dug it up by way of assiduous sleuthing—how did you find it, T?—but now I invite all of you to add it to your RSS register (which process probably doesn't require a hyperlink).

So last night I put a more substantial post up there broadly outlining my life's current goings-on, for those of you in the wonder. I'll try to be good about keeping it current, and someday, in the next ten or twenty years, it'll a.) look cool and b.) have an actual sense of purpose. Fingers crossed.


Blogger Tyson said...

It was vanity. I did a technorati search for my own blog, and yours popped up. Case closed.

6:24 PM  

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