Monday, July 10, 2006

A proposal you've seen before

I want to to write a science fiction novel/la. With you guys. I have a specific reason for enlisting help, and this time there is no need to write a story arc beforehand.

I want a bunch of anthropo/socio/psycho/logical papers about a certain group of people to be defined below, and I want them written in distinct voices. If it seems appropriate, a story arc can be written around these later (a la War with the Newts).

Here's the people:
Imagine that humans have a mildly space-faring society, occupying a planets in a few star systems. Also imagine that somehow, that the society is a sort of feudal post-corporate one (this would be fleshed out in your pieces), and to hold things together forcefully, there is a large janissary corps within the military, the members of which are conscripted at a very young age (say 5-6 years old) in a sort of Boy Tax over all the worlds (you may have heard that I dated a Bulgarian for a while). This doesn't need to be an explicitly distopian society even.

Here are some ideas I had that could be "studied":

Tattoos and a culture of elaborate tattoos.
Some kind of mysterious marching language that janissary units on parade shout back and forth at each other.
Maybe the janissaries are sterilized.
Maybe there are only like twelve personal names among janissaries.
Maybe the janissaries have free officers who go native if they're left with janissary units too long.
How are they educated?

I was thinking these people would be of some quality (not like serf armies of the Russian empire), but I'm not wedded to the idea.

Let me know. Keep in mind that a long list of interesting thoughts on specific area might be just as good as a beautifully written article.


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