Saturday, June 24, 2006

Six Flags to sell Magic Mountain

Six Flags announced plans Thursday to sell or close six of its properties, including the chain's once-flagship park, Magic Mountain, in Valencia, Calif.

In a press release issued after the U.S. stock market closed Thursday, Six Flags announced that it would sell the properties, to either a single buyer or multiple buyers, or that it might sell or redeploy the properties' attractions, to clear the land for real estate sale.

(from The Theme Park Insider)


Blogger Will said...

Man, would that suck. I feel bad having not been to MM in about four years. If it closes, we really should make it a point to put in a final visit.

And since no blog comment is complete without some kind of disputation, here I go: MM is not their flagship park. Their name would make no sense if it were. Their flagship park was and is Six Flags Over Texas.

11:58 AM  

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