Sunday, June 19, 2005

Law School Update II

The big news for the weekend, falling somewhere after the Iranian elections and the fact that we still seem to be in some kind of war thingy, but ahead of the fact that my parents went for a walk today, is that I got into UCLA. I am really excited about this, partially because UCLA is a big step up in the law school world from where I was, and also because of all of the obvious advantages of being in L.A. Though I am still on other waiting lists, I am thinking of removing myself from them and committing to UCLA. I suppose that if one of the other schools called me tomorrow to let me know that they were giving me a full ride scholarship I would be tempted away (I assume they are all reading this post), but it looks likely that I have gotten my last acceptance letter. My plan right now is to leave Portland on 30-Jul and get back to L.A. the next day. I have jury duty on the first of August, and I will be visiting Megan in Boston sometime after that but before school starts on the 18th, and somewhere in there I would like to see everybody before I start classes. I will be sad to leave Portland, but it feels pretty nice to be going home.


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