Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vote At Dusk: PDXPOP Now! 2005

Hey Fellas-

Wow, the times be busy. Of course, I write this having spent a day seeing the new Miyazaki movie and basically sitting around doing nothing all night with Reid. But this kind of leisure is a necessary salve for the sleeplessness and productivity of my daily life. Things are very exciting as I enter my last week of the school year, get geared up for my first two friends' weddings (Chris Burke, Jon Braman), then head off to Greece with Meri, put on this year's PDXPOP festival and then record At Dusk's masterwork.

It's about the PDXPOP part that I'm posting. As you may recall, the booking is guided by the results of a public referendum, so if you could take a minute to vote, and then maybe take an extra minute to encourage your friends who are not us to vote, we would be some very happy cats. To do so, please see:

PDXPOP Now! Voting

The festival is looking to be pretty damn special this year. First exhibit: Pitchfork, the gold-standard in the indie music world, covered the comp and festival this week.

Also, I should add that I will be in LA from June 23 to July 1. See you there!


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