Sunday, August 14, 2005

keeping up

hey guys. it's been a while. i'm sorry that it's been so long. i miss you guys.

this summer has been great, but i'm already feeling dread for the next school year to begin. having a summer vacation reminds you how wonderful summer vacation is, and this is, in fact, my last official summer vacation.

greece with cary was fantastic. my new little nephew in LA is the cutest thing ever. PDX Pop was amazing to see. watching hours of the West Wing has been mindless and wonderful. bloody knees from falling off my new bike aren't so bad. all this time doing this is sort of making up for the countless entire weekends i spent studying this past year. funny, i don't think i remember an eighth of what i studied...

anyway, i just wanted to post something to let you know that i'm still alive and thinking of you. i'd love to hear from you.



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